Saturday, March 03, 2007

Psycho le Cemu - Gekiai Merry Go Round

Playing around with homebrew on my PSP taught me about streaming music, so I decided to try out streaming video. I download WinAmp because it has whipped the Llama's ass for years and begin to browse the channel listing. What's this? Jpopsuki? ooh, J-Pop videos! I begin watching and am amused by all the tacky, pretty, and over the top productions for, mostly people who can't sing. A few catchy songs, of course. Then, the tackiest, most visually assaulting of them all!

Psycho le Cemu.

Wow. So original, and so... not, all at the same time! Looks like Cthulu, Sorceress Edea and Samus all got together with a Power Ranger and Sailor Chibimoon to start their new age garage band!

So I go to watch this video again lately, because I've been craving a hear. Afterall, that is how EarWorms work. I find the video I graciously left you above, and in the suggestion list is a video of similar title, "Para Para Psycho le Cemu".

Para para, as in... Para para paradise? Oh dear lord.

Frightened into curiosity, I watch the video. oh my lord! Who is that woman! It looks like Donnatella Versace but Japanese! She's invited Chibimoon again, but she's wearing a jumpsuit. Yeesh, she's really letting herself go.

So I immediately have to show Chris this frightening thing, he shrieks at the blond-ambition vampire but continues watching. Then, he has a thought and rushes to Wikipedia to find an answer. He's right!

"Psycho le Cému is an all-male Japanese Visual rock band."

Yes. That's right, "All-male"

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